Philosophy in Education in Southern Africa

Have you ever been puzzled and intrigued by one or more of the following questions, but were not satisfied with standard or common sense answers? If so, this website is for you. You may be working and/or living with children or young people, or perhaps you are studying these topics in a formal setting such as a university. You may be a teacher educator or a policymaker. This website offers resources, conferences, courses, events and Southern Africa's first network of its kind.

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Communities, Classrooms, Companies, Counselling: Young people and teachers in 'communities of enquiry'.

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Mindboggles: 1st professional P4C support network for formal & informal educators in Southern Africa

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The International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children - engaging children in philosophical inquiry.

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The theory and practice of Philosophy with Picturebooks.

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Got a moral dilemma in the workplace? Write to the Ethics Hotline.

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